New Android Game Whack-A-Politician Launches

Ever wished you could bop a politician on the head, whack-a-mole style? Now you can – in a virtual sense anyway! – with a fun new political satire game which has launched for Android devices. ‘Politics Bash’ is a fun, addictive and topical game which puts a twist on the classic arcade favourite – instead of whacking moles, players will be whacking hilarious caricatures of David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon.

With the General Election just a matter of weeks away, the nation’s leading politicians have been forced front and centre, commanding the spotlight as they try to canvass votes and convince the country they are fit to rule. Unfortunately, the side effect of such media saturation is that many people are tired of looking at the same faces – and they might feel a slight urge to thwack them over the head!

Politics Bash allows voters to let out their frustrations with the political heavyweights in a fun and enjoyable way, totting up points as they go. Lined up before the iconic Houses of Parliament in London, there are seven holes in the ground, which politicians can poke their cartoon heads out of. Players can then tap the screen to bash the politician back down, before they run out of time!

The game is a great way for those disillusioned with politics to vent a little anger. Whether they’re fed up with Farage’s musings on Europe, or whether they’re tired of Nick Clegg’s broken promises, players can make their feelings known by whacking the brilliant caricatures of each politician and sending them crashing back down into the hole they popped up from.

A spokesman for Politics Bash says, “With the General Election fast approaching, we wanted to offer a light-hearted response to the media saturation that is surely to occur over the coming weeks. Many people will be sick of the sight of the key politicians fighting it out for seats and power – so we’ve offered them a fun and easy way to give the likes of Miliband, Clegg and Cameron a thwack over the head with a virtual mallet!”

Politicians have already started ducking and diving in the run up to the election, with carefully executed PR moves and events designed to make them the prime choice on the ballot papers. David Cameron has come under fierce scrutiny for his refusal to join the TV debates, while Ed Miliband still has many doubters who can’t see him taking the office at 10 Downing Street – no thanks to those unfortunate bacon sandwich images. Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are facing a huge reduction in the number of seats, while parties like UKIP, the SNP and the Green Party seeing surges in membership. If you’re already sick of the sight of these faces on your screen – get downloading Politics Bash!

The app is available for just 96p on the Google Play store, and can be played on all Android devices, including tablets and smartphones.

For more information about Politics Bash, or to download the app, visit the Google Play listing:

Tensions on Sark being monitored by the UK government

The UK government is monitoring tension found on the Channel Island of Sark according to a new report. The tension reportedly is between Sir Frederick Barclay and Sir David Barclay and the elected parliament of Sark, the Chief Pleas. The report from the UK Ministry of Justice stated that the problems are making it very hard to work together to form a better plan for a sustainable future. The Barclays have a large investment in Sark and they think that the local legislation is guilty of discriminating against them frequently.

Justice Minister Lord McNally stated that the dependencies are mostly governed well, but Sark is the exception to the rule. Since 2010 the MoJ has been working with Sark and stated that people that live on the island are not tolerant of any other point of view but their own. In 2008 the island adopted a new constitution that was suppose to introduce democracy and end the ways of feudal practices, but the Barclay twins believe that there is still much more to be done.

The MPs believe that the island MPs are making threats of legal action that would be executed at an individual level and they continue to launch intimidating and abusive attacks via the newsletter of Sark that is edited by the manager of the Barclays brothers.

On the other hand, the brothers are complaining that legislation continues to be made that discriminates against them on purpose and they are looking at legal options that they can take against this legislation because they believe that change has to be made. Lord McNally stated that resolving the conflict between the two groups is likely going to be a long process but they would like to see both sides try to calm down a bit to help smooth things along.

PM blames the rotten British weather on climate change

David Cameron has associated the bad weather and widespread floods affecting the UK to climate change saying that he has no doubt that the occurrence is causing additional irregular weather events. The Prime Minister told MPs that they are experiencing weather that is more irregular and that whether or not they argue about the linking of the irregular weather events to climate change, he still thinks that climate change is the main cause.

The environment secretary, Owen Paterson has been under accusations by Labour of being blinded by his climate change skepticism to the risks caused by flooding.

As a response to a question posed by Tim Farron MP, the Lib Dem president who said that the extreme conditions affecting their communities were an inevitable and destructive effect caused by partly the climate change.

The Prime Minister therefore said that they should all invest in flood defenses, mitigation and to inform the people as this is what makes sense and not the different views that people have concerning climate change. He also said that he was supportive of the climate change targets made by Britain and that the 2008 Climate Change Act would not have been accepted without conservative support.

Climate experts are usually cautious of linking the specific weather events to climate change while on the other hand academic studies show that all the frequent heat waves and flooding are associated to climate change. The Prime Minister’s comments on his association of the abnormal weather to climate change are one of the clearest views he has concerning this issue.

During last year, the Prime Minister said that there was substantial evidence that showed that climate change was the cause of things such as Typhoon Haiyan, which caused devastation to the Philippines. He added that he will leave the scientists to speak for themselves concerning the association between severe weather events and climate change though he thinks that the evidence concerning the link was growing. He went on to say that as a politician, he thinks that the best thing is to take mitigating and preventive measures.

Margaret Thatcher biography highly praised

Margaret Thatcher’s authorised biography written by Charles Moore has received nothing but praise from most critics. Some have hailed it as one of the best political biographies to ever be written with Craig Brown from Mail on Sunday stating that the biography was masterly.

He went on to say to say that the biography is packed full of a moving narrative that the author is clearly engaged fully in which is what helps make the reader engaged as well. The central character of the biography is both conventional and bizarre making it a great read for anyone including those that usually are not fans of political biographies.

Brown was not the only fan of the novel, as Ann Wilson from the Evening Standard also said that it is a remarkable biography. According to Wilson, what makes Moore stand out is the fact that Moore clearly loves his subject and has done a large amount of research to make sure that everything in the book comes alive to the readers. Also adding to this magic is the fact that Moore conducted hundreds of interviews before he started writing allowing the pages of the biography to be full of life.

Also positive were reports from Anne Applebaum that explain that Moore was able to mix together intellectual history and biography to create a very thorough description of Thatcher and tell a complete story that has not been told before. While she is widely one of the most loved characters of British history, Moore is being touted as the first one to really show her as a full person and in full dimension.

However some critics believe it is too detailed with too much information and not enough about her politics. According to this smaller group, the biography is not a critical look at someone that still is a controversial figure in British history.

George Galloway leaps from one controversy to another

George Galloway, the politician, is a controversial character and he has recently been involved in controversy after belittling people who have been the victim of rape. He has also been heard using terms that are not politically correct for referring to disabled people.

He has recently been linked to a new television show that is going to be appearing on an Arab television channel that has been linked to Bashar al-Assad, the dictator of Syria.

The television channel is al-Mayadeen which technically means ‘the public square’ in Arabic. Critics of the channel have said that it is funded by Iran although the management have strongly denied these charges.

Although it does seem to give some airtime to the opposition in Syria, it does seem to be very closely linked to the dictator of the country. The director of the channel, recently quit his previous post because he felt that the channel was being too critical of the government in Syria.

It seems as if one of the main ideas behind the channel is to recruit Westerners, who are against Western ideals. The channel generally supports politics that are not pro the West and by recruiting politicians who are not particularly pro-Western politics, they give themselves legitimacy.

It has recently been commented that Mr Galloway is a very good fit for the channel as he has previously been seen appearing on television in the Arab world and has spoken out strongly against Israel. He is seen as something of a superstar for the channel and is likely to make it very popular.

Many people might be asking what Mr Galloway gets out of the deal. It is certain that he is going to get a lot of attention, but also that the money is going to be pretty decent. It is estimated that this side project is going to earn him around £80,000 a year, from the £3000 that he makes every episode.