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Givey is Revolutionising UK Charity Fundraising

An independent social enterprise is reimagining charity with an innovative platform that shines the spotlight on digital donations. Voted the UK’s number one fundraising site by Money Saving Expert, Givey is taking on the big guns in a bid to transform the way Brits give.

Despite blue chip competition from entities such as Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving, Givey comes top on Money Saving Expert. Transparency underpins its business model, with the team ensuring that data, values and actions are all crystal clear. There are no set-up fees for users, charities or projects, with a 5% transaction fee added on to contributions, as opposed to deducted as per most other digital donation sites. This David versus Goliath advantage has created a resounding buzz within the UK charity sector, as reflected by its recent acknowledgement from the nation’s number one consumer website.


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Drawing on the expertise of economists, psychologists and evolutionary biology specialists, Givey has created a platform that makes giving as intuitive and natural as possible. These nuggets of wisdom are manifested throughout the site, making the donation process fast, easy and innate. Already, Givey has helped 35,000 people raise £1.1m for over 8,000 projects and charities across the UK.

“Our entire ethos is underpinned by the goal of making giving a habitual part of everyday life,” says Neil Mehta, CEO.

Givey brings a personalised aspect to donations by encouraging users to set up a Post. These can then be shared on social media in a bid to kick-start donations. From chopping off eight years worth of dreadlocks, running the London Marathon and embarking on a 26 mile overnight hike, Posts turn altruistic feelings into proactive fundraising campaigns.


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“Plain and simple, Givey hands Brits an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is. Through our platform people can make meaningful statements, coupled with meaningful donations that make a difference. This actively facilitates a deeper level of engagement between the giver and the receiver,” adds Mehta

The site sets itself apart from the crowd by supporting causes that people care about. With its sights set on expansion, Givey is currently recruiting small to medium sized charities to join its platform. The platform supports causes of all shapes and sizes. From national registered charities to charitable organisations, groups or individuals, no cause is too big or small.

As part of its growth plan Givey is also considering partnerships with charity specific web development agencies.

To find out more about Givey, explore the causes and join the giving revolution, go to:

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